It has come to our attention that a number of Landlords are renting rooms with the stated requirement that proof of Covid 19 vaccine is required. This is unlawful as a private Landlord has no legal basis to require that a tenant disclose his/her vaccination status.

This is a breach of Article 6 and 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation, 2018. There is no legal basis for a private Landlord to process a prospective tenant’s sensitive health data pertaining to their vaccination status. Our right to privacy is the most fundamental human right at threat in this epoch.

Privacy underpins other human rights and we must do all in our power to prevent unlawful actions that threaten this core civil right. Our right to individual privacy is essential in a democratic society as it ensures a balance between the citizen and the state.

We are happy to report that the person that contacted us about this has proactively lodged complaints to Daft.ie who has since amended the advertisements to remove this requirement.

Well done to this woman! She is a Guardian of our civil rights and demonstrates the power of people on a grassroots level becoming empowered to take action.If you see such an advertisement you should put in a complaint in writing to state that a private Landlord cannot request details of a prospective tenant’s vaccination status as this is sensitive health data under Article 9 of GDPR and there is no legal basis under Article 6 for such a requirement.

If you have any queries about this PM us or email us on lawyersforjustice@yahoo.com.

Email us on lawyersforjustice@yahoo.com for further assistance

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