We received several queries about the potential consequences for non completion of Census 2022.

Census 2022 takes place on 3rd April. Enumerators collect the Census between 4th April and early May.

Under Section 26 of the Statistics Act 1993, a Director General or an officer of statistics may direct that a written Notice be delivered to an individual person or premises requiring completion and return of the form or to answer questions by a specified date or within a specified period.

Under the Statistics Act it is stated to be an offence if a person subsequently fails to comply with the terms of the written Notice.

We would refer you to our previous post of Saturday 12th March and the submission we drafted that people can adapt and send to the Central Statistics Office, National Statistics Board and TD’s. People may also wish to send this submission to the Data Protection Commissioner at dpo@dataprotection.ie and the Data Protection Officer at the Central Statistics Office at dpo@cso.ie. If so, the submission must be addressed to the DPO specifically, rather than being copied to them, or they will not respond.

We are of the opinion that there is a state able case for people to challenge the excessive nature of the Census requirements. Census 2022 also raises concerns surrounding the right to privacy, as addressed in our submission.

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